Millennials- the Good, the Bad, and the Truth

A current hot topic in Human Resources is the Millennial Generation, mainly because they have just become the largest generation in the workforce. Many studies have been done on how to recruit, engage, and retain this generation of workers. Many articles have been written about what drives them, how to coach them, and what they want from an employer. Just as a disclaimer, I am a Millennial, and I work in Human Resources- so this is a topic I am very passionate about. I have held my professional position for nearly two years with the same company. Anytime I hear a discussion about Millennials or see any articles whether it be in a newspaper, magazine, blog post, etc. I listen and/or read the latest news. The following is what I have taken away from all the articles and conversations.

Currently Millennials seem to have a bad rap, but so did every generation that came before when they started to take over the workforce. The perceptions are that Millennials: are self-centered, career hoppers, need constant praise, and they don’t want to pay their dues they want things now (Positions, Titles, Pay, etc). I feel that if employers want to recruit, engage, and retain my generation then they had better change their perceptions and put a stop to these stereotypes and fast. Millennials just like any generation want to be respected and valued – this is a human need, not just a generational one.

Rather than putting negative labels on this generation, try understanding that Millennials have different ideas on how they would like to work, how they want to get that work done, and when that work gets done. This is a generation that values work life balance, teamwork, and flexibility. Millennials want that blending of work life with their personal life, and they need opportunities for continual learning and development. This generation is one that is highly educated, quick learners, great at multi-tasking, and technology savvy. They have many great attributes to offer their employers. The Millennial Generation is who that has a constant need to be challenged and can get bored easily if tasks are meaningless and transactional.


The employer that offers their Millennial workforce flexibility, more frequent feedback, mentoring/coaching, challenging projects, opportunities for growth, and lastly, values their voice is going to be a top employer. Overall, Millennials just want to be happy and have a purpose. How has your company prepared for the Millennial Generation? Please comment and share the fun things your company does to retain its workforce.


Additional Resources:

If you are interested in reading more about the Millennial Generation another great blog to read is by Lindsey Pollack- the Millennial Workplace Expert.

If you want to read an interesting article published in the SHRM HR Magazine about all of the different generations in the workforce please click here.


4 thoughts on “Millennials- the Good, the Bad, and the Truth

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