The Perks of Mentoring

Mentoring-wht1In my last blog post I discussed the importance of establishing clear Career Paths to help retain your workforce. Now I would like to blog about the next step employers can take to help with retention. While having clear career paths to work towards is extremely important for the millennial generation, so is having a mentor. “Mentoring is a brain to pick, and ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.”- John Crosby.

Now, I am not saying that every Millennial that you hire needs to be assigned a mentor; that is unfeasible. However, I do think that if you, the employer, have employees that have been with your company for a long time, that are established, experienced, and respected; then they should be modeling the way for the Millennial Generation. There are a lot of Baby Boomers that are looking to retire shortly, and when they leave so does all the history & information they have accumulated. This blog is not just about looking at helping to develop & retain millennial employees, but to help pass down and preserve the information learned by those that came before us.


Now millennials are not afraid to admit that we do not know everything! While yes, we are confident and well educated, we do not know ALL! Mentoring is a smart strategic move that leaders can leverage to foster good relationships, increase clear communication, and engage/retain employees of all generations. Baby boomers are at a stage in their careers where they want to make a difference before they retire. By asking those to share and pass down their knowledge and wisdom to those younger employees can help them make that difference. It could also give them a piece of mind, pass off some responsibilities, and slowly phase out rather than abruptly leaving.

Now, to look at it from the millennial perspective, having a mentor is like getting one-on-one coaching from someone that believes in your abilities. It makes the person receiving feel important and cared for. It signals that their company, leaders, and mentor believe in them and their career. These mentorships help to foster and create strong relationships which have been proven to help with engagement. By utilizing or creating a mentorship program you can help to bridge the gap between generations. Have you had a great mentor and how has that person impacted your career?

To read another great blog by Lindsey Pollak about Mentoring Millennials click here

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