Millennial Spotlight- Morgan Iveson

IMG_2496In my past blog posts I have provided my personal Millennial perspective on how to “Recruit, Engage, and Retain” the Millennial Generation. I decided to interview another Millennial, Morgan Iveson, who currently holds a professional position within a large, global company. I conducted this interview to see if others in my generation share the same opinion. I know this individual to be a dedicated, aspiring, and positive person. I wanted to see what engaged her, and why she is so loyal to her employer.  So I asked her the following questions:

  • What is your current job title? What company do you currently work for?

Answer:   Charles River Laboratories as a Research Assistant 1

  • How many employees does Charles River currently have?

Answer: In the Reno Site- 400 employees, but Charles River has many more sites in over 15 different countries.

  • How long have you worked for Charles River?

Answer:  One year

  • What do you like most about working there?

Answer:  The people I work with, and the shared interests that we all have for science & biomedical research.

  • What keeps you motivated & engaged in the workplace?

IMG_2497Answer:  The type of work that I am doing because it effects so many people down the line. Potentially my research could turn into a future drug that could help millions of people with a variety of different diseases or ailments. So being accurate & doing my job well is what keeps me engaged & motivated because I know it could potentially make huge contributions in the future.

  • Do you feel like you have opportunities to move up in this organization?

Answer: Yes, there is a program called “Technical Development Program” (TDP) there are goals that we have to hit each year to move up within the program. There are skills we have to learn, we must cross-train in different departments throughout the company, and once you have completed/mastered each requirement you have the opportunity to move up within the company. There is also opportunities to move laterally around to different research departments to learn different skills.

  • Do you have a mentor within the organization?

Answer: Yes, the Director of my department is someone I would call my Mentor. He is someone that I have a tremendous amount of respect for because he has shared many of his life experiences and how he came to earn his position. He has offered many pieces of advice both personally and professionally. He has made me and my work feel very important and his mentorship has taught me a great deal. Lastly, he has made me feel more passionate about the work I am doing.

  • What kinds of things does Charles River do for its employees to recognize & reward them for their dedication & efforts?

Answer: Quarterly there are site meetings called “All Hands Meetings” and at these meeting there are nominations for fellow employees in four different categories. If you win an award in one of the different categories you receive a monetary prize, a prime parking space, a trophy, and the recognition from your peers. Additionally, there are free movies nights for the employees and their families, there are discount tickets to events like local football and basketball games with a free tailgate. There is a company Christmas Party every year to celebrate employees. Lastly, within each department there is an employee appreciation luncheon every quarter provided by the company.

  • What is it like to be a Millennial working for a company like Charles River?

Answer: There are many Millennials working for Charles River, so the environment is very comfortable and even working alongside the older generations the work flow is still very comfortable and casual. I don’t feel different or feel I am treated differently because of my age.

IMG_2495In the end what I learned from this interview with Morgan is that feeling valued, having opportunities to grow, and a strong sense of pride/purpose in her work is what keeps her motivated in the workplace. Her strong relationships with her co-workers & boss keep her engaged and having fun. Charles River’s set career path options allow her many opportunities to learn & grow as a professional. Lastly, the appreciation that she & her fellow co-workers receive from the company on a consistent basis further increases loyalty to the company & its values. In my opinion this sounds like a fantastic place to work. What do you think?

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Photo Credit: All photos were provided by and approved for use by Morgan Iveson

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