Hospitality & Food Service Industry: Millennnial Spotlight- Tori Barrenchea

Tori BarrencheaIn my past blog posts I have provided many of my own opinions, as well as research I have read on how to “Recruit, Engage, and Retain” the Millennial Generation. So today I thought I would interview a Millennial that currently works in the Hospitality/Food & Beverage Industry. I wanted to find out what it is like to work in this industry and what companies to do Recruit, Engage, and Retain their Millennial workers.  The individual I chose to interview today attended a Private University that specializes in Hospitality Management & the Food Service Industry. She also happens to be my sister. I know her to be a very hardworking, extremely talented, ambitious and compassionate person. So I asked her the following questions:

  • What is your current job title? What company do you currently work for?

Answer:   My current title is Hostess, and I work for the Renaissance Hotel, a Marriott Franchise.

  • How long have you worked for the Renaissance Hotel?

Answer:  Six Months

  • What attracted you to this company? How did you get started in this position?

Answer: I connected with a representative from the hotel at a Speaker Panel- which is a panel of qualified professionals that work in the Hospitality/Food & Beverage Industry.  After talking about Marriot’s flexibility to relocate employees abroad and allowing them flexibility to travel and work around the world I applied for a position with this company. My goal is work abroad for a year and this company provided my opportunities to reach that goal.

  • What do you like most about working there?

Answer:  I love the hotels idea of teamwork. Everyone is working toward the same goal- providing outstanding service to our guests, and due to this common goal it creates a family like feeling among employees. I also love the autonomy & freedom that is given to employees to resolve customer issues. We are trusted to solve the problem and fix immediately without having to attain higher levels of approval.

  • What keeps you motivated & engaged in the workplace?

Answer:   The great management staff at the hotel is what keeps me personally motivated and engaged. They have a great reward system in place as well as maintaining a high level of enthusiasm that inspires their employees.  They do an excellent job of recognizing their employees and making them feel appreciated. They throw quarterly parties where they recognize outstanding team members, play games, keep us informed on what’s happening with the hotel, and what is happening overall with the company. They are very transparent about the organization and I find that it helps to keep me engaged.

  • Do you feel like you have opportunities to move up in this organization?

Answer:  Yes, that is another strong quality that attracted me to this company. Marriot is a strong believer in promoting internally. Another awesome opportunity that Marriott offers its employees is the chance to cross train so that team members can learn about and move into different position throughout the company even if they lack the experience. They want to continue to challenge their employees and make sure they don’t get burnt out by staying in just one position. They promote learning and development and encourage employees to pursue other positions if they are interested. Overall they are willing to invest in you if you show you have the potential.

  • What is it like to be a Millennial working for a company like the Renaissance Hotel?

Answer: I think it’s a great environment for a person like me in the Millennial generation. They are transparent with their information; they trust and empower their employees to resolve customer issues. They encourage their employees to learn & grow in different areas of the hotel, and lastly they create a family like atmosphere for their employees. All of these things make it a fun place to work.

In the end what I learned from this interview with my sister is that companies that empower their employees encourage them to learn about other areas, as well as provide a family like environment is what keeps her motivated and engaged. Having great leadership, and feeling appreciated for her hard work is a large part of why she stays. This company is one that provides opportunities to travel, grow professionally, and climb the career ladder.  Sounds like a great environment for Millennials, what do you think?

Photo Credit: All photos were provided by and approved for use by Tori Barrenchea

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