What makes a great Employer- a Millennial Perspective


It takes many different elements to become a great employer. Not only do you need great leadership to inspire and engage employees but you must have a culture and environment to match. In my past blog posts I have written more in depth about a number of different ways to help become a great employer. Everything from employee engagement (making sure you are measuring it correctly), employee wellness programs, career paths, mentoring, internships, networking, volunteering, training and more. All of these pieced together can help employers go from good to great.

Now you can’t just put programs and policies in place and expect it all to work flawlessly. There are some other elements that are required in order to create a great company culture. For example: Trust, Sense of Community/Ownership, Transparency, and strong Communication. There needs to be trust at all level of the organization; trust that the executive team has the organizations customers and its employee’s best interests at heart. Trust that the employees have the company’s best interests at heart, and lastly, trust between co-workers having that team/family mentality.

By creating & having that trust in all levels of the organization you can then start to build your community. A community that bans together because of a shared purpose. And by shared purpose I mean a strong mission, vision, and values that your employees can relate to and take ownership. When employees feel that they are making a difference, they take pride in their accomplishments as a team. Employers should shoot for that team mentality first within their own teams and then expand that to the entire organization.

Transparency and strong communication are other very important elements that go hand in hand with trust. Employees want leaders/organizations that are open about issues or problems that the company is facing. Who knows the lowest man in the organization might have the million dollar solution. Or sometimes many minds working together to solve a problem is better than one so being open and honest could be a benefit. Along with that transparency it is important for employers to have good communication with their employees; for example feedback. Employees need constant feedback; they want to know how they are doing, understand what they could do better, and vice versa provide their opinions/feedback about what’s going well and what needs improvement.

In the end what I am saying is that it takes more than pay, perks, and benefits to be a good employer you need passion, purpose, trust, transparency, and strong communication to be a great one. How great is your organization? Do you see some of these elements in your organization?

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