Millennial Enlightenment- Breaking Down Barriers

millennialThe other night I went to dinner at Louis Basque Corner for my birthday dinner. This is one of my favorite restaurants simply because they serve delicious food but also because they serve A LOT of it. They also do things family style- which means that they fill all seats at the table. So there is always the chance that you will be sitting with strangers and sharing a meal. Well on this particular night we did have a complete stranger from Indiana join our table and join my family and me in my birthday celebration.

Conversation started out as polite chit chat; where we were from, what we all liked to do, explaining to him what being Basque truly meant. But after some wine a deeper conversation was struck up. He started talking about the millennial generation and how we like to hope from place to place. He spoke at length about his love for solving problems but his dislike for managing others; especially my Generation. He told me about a millennial that he had briefly worked with, he said that this particular youngster didn’t even last a year. “He wanted to be running the show right off the bat, and when he saw that wasn’t going to happen he just simply left.”

So I decided to take this opportunity to educate him on the millennial generation based off of all the blog posts, interviews, and reading I have done on the topic. I told him that yes the millennial generation does “want things”, but so does every ambitious person in this world regardless of age. Yes some people have more patience than others, could I have more patience when it comes to life in general? YES OF COURSE! But having or not having patience is not a young person things- for example let’s take a look at my 68 year old father. I have never met anyone more impatient in my entire life. For example one weekend I asked him if he would like to go take the dogs for a walk. He said yes- I asked for 5 minutes so that I could put my shoes on, go to the bathroom and grab a jacket. By the time I got done with those three things he was already out the door walking down the street. When I finally caught up with him and asked him why he left? He said, “You were taking too long I couldn’t wait”

Furthermore I explained to this complete stranger that my generation is looking for a working situation or career that aligns with their personal as well as professional goals. I informed him about how we are a generation driven by purpose. If the mission, vision, and values of the company didn’t inspire us as individuals then yeah we are going to leave. We are a generation that takes advantage of the opportunity that life presents. Overall, we just want to be happy! We are a generation that is highly educated, more tolerant, and is constantly trying to learn, grow, and develop. This sense of purpose, drive, creativity, and ambition is what is motivating my generation to go out and start their own businesses by finding needs that haven’t been met yet.

I think by the end of this conversation the stranger walked away enlighten, and with a better understanding of the millennial generation. Even if it is one person or stranger at a time I love helping to dispute the terrible stereotypes that the millennial generation has accumulated. So I encourage you all to go out and do the same!

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