The Importance of Teambuilding

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In all my blog posts I have been discussing and talking about Millennials in the workplace. I have been providing my own opinions and suggestions for what employers can do to Recruit, Engage, and Retain their talented millennial workforce. All of my blogs have been about the professional setting. But one thing that I think is important very important in the workplace is teambuilding.

Now teambuilding can take many different forms. They can be playing silly games, going out and socially drinking together, competing in an event, volunteering together, or even having a lazy day at the pool. Now leaders might ask themselves how does this help me. Won’t I lose money? Won’t productivity go down? The answer: maybe for that one day….but not in the long run.

Teambuilding activities no matter how big or small help to create impactful relationships among your employees. When employees feel like they are connected, and feel that they have friends in the workplace it increases engagement and motivation. They look forward to going to work because it doesn’t feel like work when you are working with people that you like. Teambuilding activities help to create a foundation for these relationships. It allows employees to get out of their shells and show a different side of themselves to their co-workers. It also provides a common thread for them to discuss something other than work.

Teambuilding also allows employees to rest and rejuvenate themselves. If employees work and work with no break or nothing to reenergize them, then they can burnout. Retreats, & teambuilding days are critical to help keep people from burning out too quickly. When a company provides a day for employees to go out and have fun together it shows the employee that the company is invested in their health, well-being, and happiness. This gives employees something to look forward too and get excited about.

Teambuilding may see like a waste of time to some leaders or companies. But those that have left a company because they didn’t like who they were working with, who they were working for, or all of the long hours or work they had to do with no break, these issues could be easily resolved with teambuilding activities. So I invite you all too please share ideas for teambuilding activities or team retreat days. What is the best retreat or teambuilding day you have had?

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