Video Blog: Seminars and Conferences

Next week I will be volunteering and attending the Annual SHRM Conference down in Las Vegas. I am so excited to attend my first professional conference! I have only heard second-hand about all the inspiring and influential speakers that come to share their stories. In all the excitement I got to thinking about how I could apply this professional conference to my blog.

I think that is very important for companies to take steps to develop and train their employees. For example, mentoring, setting them up for certain career paths, in-house training, and more. This more piece is the one I would like to talk to you about today. More, could mean attending local seminars, breakfast meetings, or even cross country conferences. By sending your employees to offsite external trainings it could help to re-energize and motivate them.

When sending employees to conferences and seminars it shows your employees that you are invested in them. You know that they have the capability to learn and retain new information and will be able to improve the workplace with their new knowledge. And Vice Versa for the employees when they get to go and learn about the latest and greatest happenings of their profession it helps to rejuvenate that passion and excitement about their field.

So in the end the message I am trying to convey to all of you listening in is that: if you have a passion for learning, and for professional development then do what you have to do to go to these professional conferences. Show some interest, Volunteer, or pitch the idea up to your boss if it is not typically something your company does. Research and show them the benefit of attending and what great things you could bring back to improve the workplace. But find a way to gain the experience, because events like these can be life changing.


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