Empowering Millennials

When starting to write this blog I asked myself- “what does empowerment really mean to me”? When I think of empowerment a couple of key words come to mind; Trust, Responsibility, Authority, and Decisions. Over the years I have heard countless times about how if you want to engage and retain your employees you have to empower them. But mangers don’t really seem to understand what that means. It doesn’t mean dumping responsibility onto someone and then making them check back with you to make all decisions. It means trusting your employee (s) or team enough to know that they will get the job done, and in a way that reflects well on you and the company.

Trust is a scary thing to give away willingly. It seems to be even harder to give away to the Millennial Generation. Millennials are young, lack experience, and often have the reputation of wanting it all now. But on the flip side we are eager to learn, to help, and are very team oriented. Millennials understand that giving up power is a difficult dilemma- you are trusting that the person you empower has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to get the job done so that it reflects well on you. Because if they fail it ultimately comes back to you. But it is good to remember that the more you empower others then the more you can focus on other aspects or strategies of leading.

Girl Power

If you don’t empower others and trust them to make decisions then all you have created is a culture of fear that can’t make a decision without going through. the “bottleneck” first. So the point I am trying to make with this post is that giving people (especially Millennials) the opportunities to grow and show their competency in the work place can only benefit you. Yes we may stumble a couple of times- but we are human, it’s bound to happen regardless of age. But we thrive on that trust & that teamwork. Yes we are young but so were you once & wasn’t it frustrating when nobody took you seriously? So next time or next project – give us a chance and I know we will surprise you.

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